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High School Graduation Requirements:


Rachel - Background Info
English - 4 cr.
Math - 2.5 credits
Science - 3.5 cr.
Social Studies - 3
Health & Fitness 2
Arts - 2 credits
Occupational Education - 1.5
Advanced Placement
Volunteer Work

    As entrepreneurs, we've built the following successful careers:
    Professional Modeling                          $90 / hr  w/ twin sister
    Professional Singers                             salary details withheld
    Sales (chocolates and holiday decor)   $30 - $100 / hr     
    In sales, we earned a 400% return on our investment in chocolates,  
    getting back four times our money.   Our $10 investment in
    chocolotes turned into $40; our $100 turned into $400.
    We learned how to turn $1000 into $4000, $10,000 into $40,000,
    $100,000 into $400,000, and $1,000,000 into $4,000,000
    buy selling chocolates.  Here's how:
    We purchased namebrand chocolate bars such as 
    Hershey, Nestle, Reese's, etc., when stores had them on sale
    at four for a dollar.   The candy bars cost us only 25 cents each,
    but most people know the regular retail price is 75 cents.  So we
    went door-to-door telling the people we were raising money
    for summer camp - which we were.  They were usually happy to have
    an excuse to buy a chocolate bar.  We learned to show up with
    both my sister and I holding a box of chocolates, so our customers
    would buy at least one from each of us.  Sometimes we could
    sell five candy bars to one person.  Sometimes people would just
    give us a donation.  Our biggest donation was $20.  Someone else
    gave us $15.
    Another venture began in December of 2007:  creating & selling  
    holiday decor which resulted in a 1000% return on our investment:  
    Our investment was returned one tenfold.
     Our $2 investment turned into $20 profit, $45 turned into $450.
     This investment return is better than our chocolate sales.
     How?  Cedar boughs, holly and ivy grow on our property.  
     Wreath forms and holiday bows bought at thriftsores for 50% off
     cost us under $2 to make each item but resulted in about $20 return.
     We made these items at home, and sold them door-to-door. 
     When the customers asked how much, we would say it was by
     donation.  This allowed the customer to set the price, and made it
     possible for low- income people to have a beautiful wreath.  A
     couple customers bought two wreaths for $25 each, one customer
     paid $30 for one wreath, but most people paid $15-20.  A couple
     people paid $10 for their wreath.   The wreaths were fun to make
     and beautiful.  Scroll down a bit and you will see us with some of
     our wreaths.
     From the money we earned, we bought two steel string guitars at
     Goodwill for $100 each.  They sound great and we're using them
     to make a music video.  We bought the video camera at Walgreen's
     for $100 with money we earned from the wreath sales.  When the
     music video is complete, we'll upload it to, and send
     out the weblink to places we're auditioning to... like America's Got
    So far, our best investment has been in real estate where our $11,000
    has resulted in about $120,000 in equity.   How'd we do it?  We
    bought the cheapest house in town, created beautiful landscaping,
    and designed the rehab for the house.  Once we finish the rehab,
    we'll still have about $100,000 so we should just sell it as is, save
    ourselves the headache, and walk off with the $100,000.  It's difficult
    to do though because the property has 360 degree views of the
    mountains,  the sea, the sunrise and the sunset, as is within walking
    distance to stores, restaurants, the library, downtown, offers a short
    ferry ride to Canada, and is on the busline connecting as far away as
    Seattle and beyond, for just a few dollars.  So we may do the rehab
    in two small phases costing $30,000 each.
   We may take a loan against the house - which is paid for -
   so we can have the $100,000 AND also keep the property. 
   This is called "having your cake and eating it too".  We'd pay
   about $500 a month for 30 years.  But we could use this money
   to buy another property in full, with no extra loans.
    Another option is to take out a loan, fix up the house, and rent it out.
    The tenants' rent would pay back the loan in five to ten years, and
    we'd have an awesome house.  We'd keep a chunk of change to use 
    as a downpayment on another property, fix that up, and rent that out.
    By the time we finish our education, we'll have over a million dollars
    in  assets, so this seems to be the way to go - real estate investment.
    We are also working on recording our first CD,
    and expect this to be our greatest money-maker yet.  
    Click on the links to the left to see our song lyrics and music video.