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High School Graduation Requirements:

Rachel - Background Info
English - 4 cr.
Math - 2.5 credits
Science - 3.5 cr.
Social Studies - 3
Health & Fitness 2
Arts - 2 credits
Occupational Education - 1.5
Advanced Placement
Volunteer Work

2008 - This website is about the academic, athletic, artistic and entrepreneurial goals of the Ramsey Twins - Rebecca Rose and Rachel Lily.  At age 10, our college placement test scores qualified us for college courses, but we want to compete in college sports, so we decided not to be full-time college students - which starts our NCAA clock - until we can test out of Calculus, which could be before the end of this year.
By then, our competitive diving skills, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball and other sports will be up to the college level.  
The USC Early Entrance Program requires a 33 on the ACT, so this is our goal.  USC offers the best Early Entrance Program in the U.S. but we're also considering Barnard College in NYC, Smith College, Stanford, Harvard, etc.

My twin sister's transcript is here

             State Board of Education
   requirements for high school graduation:
     1)  Coursework totaling 22.5 credits
     2)  A Culminating Project
     3)  My "High School and Beyond" Plan

     Completion of H.S. Graduation Requirements
1)  See course list at left
2) My Culminating Project includes this website, along with other sites I've created and listed on the Electives link.  My websites demonstrate my proficiency in computer technologies and website design, as well as my educational coursework.
3)  My High School and Beyond Plan is to continue my studies in English Lit and Comp, trig, pre-calc and statistics, History, Econ, and other Social Studies, Chem, Bio, Physics and Marine Science, music performance, music theory, and music recording, and our foreign language studies in Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Arabic.  We hope to take begin Chinese soon too.  I'll continue my training in gymnastics, swimming, diving, dance, basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, and horseback riding.  I'll continue to take college placement tests, and the ACT once or twice a year to monitor my progress. 
I look forward to oppportunities at an academically-enriching and stunningly beautiful women's college campus, with gorgeous gardens and breath-taking architecture.   I plan to apply to two women's colleges for Fall 2008 early acceptance admission, which means taking both the PSAT and ACT this fall.  I've already taken the ACT and the SAT, and have been selected by the University of Washington as a Young Scholar.  I hope to test out of algebra, statistics, physics, chemistry, biology, English and foreign language courses in order to begin college with sophomore or junior standing. 
I look forward to having fun and enjoying the campus and course challenges, social activities, the arts and entertainment, as well as the sports and fitness programs on campus. 
I plan to complete my B.A. by age fourteen, my Master's by age sixteen, and my PhD coursework by age eighteen.  Required internships, practicums, and my dissertation may take a year or two more.  For graduate school, I'm considering Harvard and M.I.T. in Boston, UC - Berkley and Stanford in the Bay Area, as well as the Sorbonne and/or Paris University .
Areas of interest include the integration of nano-technology with Physics, Chemistry, Geometry, and Music, and how this can be employed for energy production and ultimately revolutionizing our economics for the benefit of humanity and the planet.  I'd like to Study Abroad but I haven't chosen which country.
For post-doctorate studies, I'd like to pursue offerings at Oxford University in England, where I hope to be a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship.
My life-long dream is to revolutionize energy production, global economics, and provide abused and neglected children around the world with a loving home, wholesome nutritious food, opportunities for educational, artistic, and recreational pursuits, and lots of animals. 
Rhodes Scholar
Harry S. Truman Scholarship
Putnam Prize
National Merit Scholar


College Board Courses and Tests

What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.

I might use a format similar to this one for my entries:

1/1/02 - Added a list of my favorites to the About Me page.

Rachel Lily Ramsey:


My twin Rebecca Rose Ramsey:


This is my back dive:


My twin sister and I earned varsity scores at our first dive meet.  Within weeks, we'd learned all the dives to qualify for the high school varsity team.  Our dives include the front and back somersault, the inward, reverse, twist dives and the forward 1.5 somersault.

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